The COVID-19 pandemic is now on its second year.

While everyone has been praying for an end to this health crisis, various events, natural and man-made, have caused the crisis to linger on here in the Philippines and many parts of the world.

Because of the pandemic, the Board of Trustees of The PARC Foundation decided to close its artists hub until such time that it is safe for its scholar beneficiaries (PARCaralan Scholars ) to come back physically.

The Philippine government was able to roll out the vaccination program in March 2021. However, the worldwide shortage of vaccines has set back the program. Vaccines, donated or purchased, have been slow in coming.

Using meager resources raised through various fundraising activities, we are still able to provide online classes to our current PARCaralan Scholars (23 of them) so that we can continue the legacy of our late founder, Wilmer Ong Guido.

Wilmer’s dream was that of a sustainable ecosystem for the performing arts, with The PARC Foundation serving as an open hub where talented but underprivileged artists can congregate in, hone their skills, equip themselves for their future careers, and become relevant contributors to society.

In spite of the pandemic, we would want to recruit and train more performing arts scholars from underserved communities and fulfill Wilmer’s dream. Our goal is to have 300 scholars by 2025. We want to find, train, and develop more wonderful musicians.

We definitely cannot do it alone. We need the help of like-minded individuals and organizations to sustain our scholarship program. We would need funding for allowances of our volunteer teachers, for additional musical instruments, and for other related expenses.

Help us enable young and striving Filipino artists to succeed. Please donate.

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